Friday, July 6, 2007


Every human has heroes. These are the beings we look up to, we emulate, we forget are human.

I have several heroes. My parents are heroes. They have struggled with poverty, disease, addiction, and a host of other obstacles throughout their lives. Growing up was hard, but hindsight being 20/20, I have come to realized that they gave me so much! It is through my mother that I came to know and love writing, art, theater, music.

Four generations: Me, my daughter, granddaughter and my Mom

It is through my father that I learned to create something from nothing.

My Dad

Both my Mom and Dad helped me see that no matter how little I had, there was always enough to share with others who were worse off than myself.

His Holiness the Dali Lama is another hero. His gentle manner, true humility and extreme compassion are inspirational to me. This is the official website for His Holiness: It tells his incredible story and has many great links to Tibetan history.

Another hero, a person I have admired for many years and from whom I have found many an enlightening idea, is Oprah Winfrey. In many ways, watching her grow in her spirituality gave validity to my spiritual path. She is a shining star in a form of media that has forgotten about spirit. I am especially thrilled that Oprah has finally been able to fulfill her dream of a school in Africa. One person CAN make a difference! I encourage you to visit Oprah's Angel Network site: You will see for yourself how one person can help change the lives of many.

Finally, a hero near and dear to my heart, my beloved, Roger. Roger has an amazing spirit. He rises above constant, daily pain from severe arthritis, to do little things like bringing me tea in the morning and writing beautiful love songs for me. He is the first to lend a helping hand to a friend, even if he cannot physically do the work, he will give suggestions, draw out plans, supervise, advise, care. Roger helps me be a better person simply by being who he is. I am so blessed by his life and so grateful to the Creator for allowing our paths to cross.

Roger and I with our wedding blanket in our garden